Who We Are

Board of Directors

Bob Albert

IT Support Operations, Amazon 

Bob has spent his career managing customer support groups both internal and external for organizations like Intuit, Yahoo, OpenTable, Genentech, and currently at Amazon.

Bob has a sister who was born with Down Syndrome. He was five years old when Susie was born and his parents told him his sister was very “special” and she was different than most people.  Growing up he observed people staring, making fun of, and teasing her. In time, he came to realize the reaction from many people was simply due to fear and/or not knowing Susie and the many talents she had to offer the world.

Lucia Murillo, Ed.D.

Assistant Director of Education Research / Autism Speaks 

Dr. Lucia Murillo, is the Assistant Director of Education Research at Autism Speaks. Her career has focused on autism research, early childhood intervention, public health and advocacy with underserved communities around the globe.  Her work has developed through a framework of community-based participatory research, a method by which community stakeholders collaborate in and drive local research priorities.

Dr. Murillo has spent over twelve years providing relevant and culturally-responsive services to children and their families, particularly to Spanish-speaking communities in the United States and Latin America.  She holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Special Education from San Francisco State University and a Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies from the University of San Francisco. Her doctoral research focused on exploring how family and community perspectives on disability influence the response to and care of children with special needs in Albania.

Kathleen Foley-Hughes

Founder / Owner, Ada’s Cafe  

Kathleen Foley-Hughes is the founder/owner of Ada’s Cafe and Catering is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, dedicated to conducting research and providing employment for people with disabilities. We are committed to conducting and publishing research on improving workplaces for people with disabilities and, hiring, training and empowering people with disabilities in our commercial food service business.

Jennifer Wong

Teacher / Former CPA & Corporate Accounting Manager 

Jennifer is currently a fifth grade teacher at Coyote Creek Elementary School in San Ramon California.  After working as a Certified Public Accountant for almost a decade, she left the workforce to focus on raising her three children.  During that time she discovered her passion for education which eventually led her to a Masters of Arts in Teaching. Her goal is to create a dynamic classroom that is purposeful, inspires curiosity and engages students in a way that is accessible to each of them.

Larry Larkin

Mailroom Operations / Silicon Valley Bank  

Larry has worked for Silicon Valley Bank as a mailroom clerk for almost five years.  Larry loves watching sports, both on television and as a fan in the stands.  He is a Best Buddies Ambassador who gives public speeches advocating for people with disabilities.  Despite having autism, Larry has been able to work in a meaningful job and live a full and productive life.

Amoolya Garg

Imaging Service Manager / Sutter Health  

Amoolya is the Imaging Service Manager at Sutter Health in the Bay Area, and was previously Director of Service at GE Healthcare.  He has over 27 years of experience in managing people and projects in the healthcare industry.  He is a six sigma black belt and has completed Advanced Project Management courses at Stanford University.

Amoolya is passionate about inclusion.  Amoolya is inspired by his brother, who has a severe vision impairment, and as a result, has had difficulty with having the support required to find and maintain employment.  He believes that the corporate world needs to do their part in building a support structure for people with disabilities in fulfilling their obligation to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Dustin Markowski

Senior Vice President / Totango  

Dustin is currently the Senior Vice President at Totango where he and his team educate subscription-based businesses on how to build a customer centric culture and grow by building a customer success strategy. In 2016, Dustin’s son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. Dustin is determined to see people diagnosed as (dis)ABLED to fully understand and utilize the gifts they possess, and to influence the rest of world to fully recognize their gifts as well.