Leverage Your Strengths

Through our keynote speeches, we Inspire people to discover their genius and use it to do great things.

Using the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, we Teach people to identify and own their natural talents.

Gallup Certified in CliftonStrengths, we Coach leaders and teams to leverage their strengths to achieve business objectives.

With our extensive experience and education, we Advise leaders on how to maximize their team’s performance and their business operations.

 Inspire. Teach. Coach. Advise.

We partner with you to find and develop the keys to your team’s success.

We will revolutionize the way you think about abilities, which will inform your actions.

Ability Revolution Consulting

Talent + Knowledge + Skills = STRENGTHS


Dr. Jennifer Camota Luebke is available for inspirational keynote speeches, as well as speaking opportunities on topics ranging from women in leadership to (dis)ABILITY inclusion as a competitive advantage at work.


Ability Revolution offers standard half-day (4 hours) and one-day (8 hours) Team Skills facilitation classes. We can deliver the class on-site at your company, or at an off-site company retreat. We can also design and deliver a customized course based on your team’s specific needs and goals. We start by have conversations with the team leaders and individuals to understand the key business objectives and the context of the team dynamics. We use one or a combination of the following assessments to evaluate the current talents, strengths, and behaviors of the individuals on your team: StrengthsFinder 2.0, DISC, and Motivators. We then educate the entire team to give them the knowledge and tools to work together more effectively and efficiently, and to become more engaged in the workplace.

About StrengthsFinder 2.0

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Ability Revolution provides executive coaching services to small work groups, leaders, and individuals. Our foundational coaching approach is through the Gallup Strengths model, where we assess each individual on 34 identified talent themes. Each one of has talents that we were born with, behaviors that come naturally to us. When we work on things that we are not naturally good at, we may become proficient, or even excellent at them, but it can suck our energy out of us, which makes us feel more tired and spent. If we build on our natural talents with knowledge and experience, it gives us energy and satisfaction. Our philosophy is to spend more time leveraging our strengths to achieve our work goals, and a measured amount of time rounding out areas where we are not naturally strong. Ability Revolution will spend most of our coaching time building on the natural talents of each leader and individual within the context of their current role in an organization. We also provide team coaching to help each person leverage their strengths within their workgroups, and to help each person understand how to tap into the strengths of their teammates for optimal effectiveness.

Jennifer Camota Luebke, Ed.D., MBA

Chief Executive Officer Jennifer Camota Luebke on LinkdIn
Dr. Jennifer Camota Luebke is an inspirational keynote speaker, a passionate educator, a motivating coach, and an innovative business consultant. She helps leaders and teams achieve their business objectives through leveraging their individual and team strengths by using her over 25 years of leadership and coaching experience in corporate, higher education, and nonprofit organizations. Jennifer managed large accounting operations departments at Genentech, Electronic Arts and Gap. As Associate Dean and Adjunct Professor of Leadership at the University of San Francisco, Jennifer managed the Executive MBA program, which included delivering leadership and career coaching to executives. At Hult International Business School, Jennifer designed an innovative curriculum to teach team skills and emotional intelligence to 600 graduate business students from 100 different countries. As a (dis)ABILITY inclusion advocate, Jennifer co-founded a not-for-profit organization that prepares the leaders and employees at companies to hire and work effectively with people who have disabilities. Jennifer has a long history of active leadership in organizations that advance disability rights, diversity and inclusion, women in leadership, social entrepreneurship, and education. She received the Jefferson Award for Public Service for her wide range of work in the disability inclusion space. Jennifer has a doctorate degree in Education with a concentration in Leadership & Organization and an MBA from the University of San Francisco, and a B.S. in Accounting from Cal Poly SLO. Jennifer is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

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Dr. Jennifer Camota Luebke, DBA Ability Revolution Consulting, 3984 Washington Blvd., #513 Fremont, CA 94538. Phone: (415) 917-3179.

10% of all revenue is donated to Ability Revolution, Inc. a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that advances authentic inclusion for people of all abilities in workplaces, schools, and communities.